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All communication, electronic or otherwise, between the user and Sparinvest by means of this website, and all information, whether sensitive or otherwise, that the user provides or inputs during their use of this website, or which is collected through this website, may be subject to computer recording or otherwise, retention, automated processing and used to include it in a database, marketing, monitoring and analysis of business, legal and regulatory compliance and/or for any other related business purpose by Sparinvest.

Which data is collected?

Among other things, personal data is collected. Personal data is individual information based on personal or factual circumstances of an identified or identifiable individual. Depending on the type of the contract, this may include particularly sensitive data, such as but not limited to the name, address, profession, etc. Sparinvest also gathers and analyses data regarding the use of its websites, including domain names, number of hits, pages visited, length of user session, to evaluate the usefulness of the website, however these are for statistical purposes only.

Who is this data shared with?

The user expressly authorizes Sparinvest to share the user's data with companies within the Sparinvest Group / affiliated with the Sparinvest Group, except where, in doing so, Sparinvest would be acting in contravention of confidentiality and secrecy rules to which it is subject. These data can be communicated in writing, by fax, electronically or by telephone. Subject to the applicable regulations, instructions, official requests or similar procedures and if such is legally permitted, we may also disclose your data towards government authorities or entities, supervisory authorities or other individuals.

How and for which purposes is data collected?

In particular, the user authorizes Sparinvest to collect personal data from the user, to store them electronically or otherwise, to make use of them and to process them.

As a consequence, your data could be used for (as example, not limited to) the following purposes and processes:

  • User and customer administration and related services;
  • Market and customer satisfaction analyses;
  • User and customer marketing, i.e. sending of information on products and services we believe you might be interested in;
  • Compliance with laws, regulations and other legally binding obligations;
  • Usage in the context of potential "due diligence" valuations in the context of the know-your-customer obligation;
  • Enhancement and constant improvement of our website(s).


A cookie is a small file stored on your computer hard disk. It enables a website to remember a computer accessing this website. In addition, the cookie may contain information on computer user preferences during website visits. Further, cookies are used to track which individual websites a user visits in which order.

How do we use cookies?
Our website uses cookies in order to track how visitors move through the web pages. We use this information in order to keep improving our on-line offering: e.g. by analyzing which sections are particularly popular or where we must improve the navigation options.

Enabling and disabling cookies
For information on how to enable or disable cookies, please refer to the help section of your web browser. Most up-to-date browsers allow you to generally disable or enable cookies and to exempt cookies of reliable websites from this rule. The help section should also contain instructions on how to delete cookies that are already on your computer.


Sparinvest takes technical and organizational security measures to protect your data from accidental or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction or the access by unauthorized individuals.

User rights

The user can request a statement of their personal data, which is stored at Sparinvest, free of charge. The user has the right to change or delete this data. Sparinvest may store such personal data for a maximum period as permitted under data protection regulations.

The user is able to decide whether or not to provide the required information. If the user decides not to provide the required information then in certain circumstances some information on this website will only be available in limited form.


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