Investment solutions

We offer conviction-led asset management for long-term investors. We follow our strategies – whatever the market is doing.

Strategies and solutions

Sparinvest – committed to providing value for long-term investors
Sparinvest's business is characterized by:

  • Independence, transparency, straightforwardness;
  • Long-term focus and ability to block out short-term distractions;
  • Style consistency with dedication to proven outperformance strategies;
  • Focus on achieving lower fundamental risk and compensation for risk taking;
  • A commitment to providing the best possible investment outcomes for our clients.

Investment solutions

We provide solutions for genuinely long-term investors. By remaining true to our strategies at all times, our investment solutions can fulfill their intended strategic role for clients.

Core strategies

  • Value Equities
  • Value Bonds
  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Fixed-Income
  • Intelligent Quant
  • Convertible Bonds

Options and solutions

Sparinvest S.A. is a UCITS IV compliant Management Company and Sparinvest is a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. Underlying Sparinvest’s asset management activities is a pooling structure that provides unique asset allocation flexibility as well as economies of scale (advantageous charges) for all funds accessing it.

Our aim is to be both flexible and imaginative in tailoring our investment solutions to match our clients’ needs and we are open to discussions with you about the best way to achieve this. Our main solutions and options are outlined below but please feel free to contact our International Client Services team to discuss any other ideas that we may be able to help with.

The following investment vehicles provide access to our specialist strategies:

 Mandate options – choose between:

  • An exclusive Segregated Account – Client-defined investment policy delivered by Sparinvest. Client has choice of custodian and option of delegating administration to Sparinvest. A sliding scale of charges applies.
  • A Specialised Investment Fund – Client-defined investment policy but no guaranteed exclusivity. Access to Sparinvest’s pooling structure means asset allocation is built cost-effectively. RBC Investor Services Bank S.A. is custodian and administration is by Sparinvest. A sliding scale of charges applies.

Investment fund options – Sparinvest investment funds provide another way to access our strategies. All funds comply with UCITS IV legislation and have demonstrable track records. Choose between:

  • ‘I’ Share Class in any of the available currency classes. This is the easiest and fastest option to set up.
  • ‘R’ Share Class in any of the available currency classes. In some of our funds we only offer ‘R’ Share Classes which are intended for retail investors but also available for institutional investors.
  • ‘X’ Share Class in any of the available currency classes. This permits product ‘white labelling’, giving the dual reassurance of Sparinvest’s investment management expertise and the client’s tailoring.

The following options apply to the abovementioned investment vehicles:

Tax options - choose from distributing or accumulating

Currency options – please contact us to discuss

SRI options – choose from:

  • Investing responsibly with strategies that are compliant with the principles of UN PRI. Here the focus for Sparinvest is on fulfilling our fiduciary duty with ESG factors integrated in the investment process as an extra tier of risk management.
  • Investing ethically (Based on our responsibly-invested strategies but with an extra ethical filter that can be based on client’s chosen exclusion criteria)

Custody options – choose from:

  • Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat (our usual custodian)
  • Your preferred custodian
Options specific to Equity investment

Management style – choose from:

  • 100% bottom up actively managed Value
  • Intelligent Quant strategy (currently based on the MSCI world index but can be applied to other indices.)

Regional exposure – choose from:

  • Europe
  • US
  • Japan
  • Pacific region
  • Emerging Markets
  • Any combination of the above

Size exposure – choose from:

  • Small cap
  • Large cap 
  • All cap

Options specific to Corporate Bonds

Credit Rating – choose from:

  • Investment Grade
  • High Yield
  • Whole ratings spectrum

Regional Exposure – choose from:

  • Developed Markets
  • Emerging Markets

We can also offer our Value Bonds strategy as a fixed maturity solution with a choice of maturity date. Ask us for details.

Options specific to Fixed Income

  • Targeted duration options, working to achieve optimal returns within a pre-defined timescale. Any duration is possible;
  • Short, medium and long Danish Bonds (including mortgage bonds);
  • European bonds - long or short duration
  • Emerging Market sovereigns (in local or hard currency)
  • Index-linked bonds
Options specific to Strategic Asset Allocation

Sparinvest's Strategic Asset Allocation expertise is available to clients who seek help in formulating model portfolios designed to match long-term objectives. We offer:

  • 'Off the shelf' solutions based on pre-defined time/risk profiles;

Medium risk 3-5 year time horizon
Medium risk 5-10 year time horizon

  • Bespoke solution with individually-tailored portfolios, based on specific, agreed targets; or
  • 'Create your own’ solution providing access to our unique pooling structure whereby clients can create their own strategic asset allocation, based on our strategies.