Investment solutions

We provide solutions for genuinely long-term investors. By remaining true to our strategies at all times, our investment solutions can fulfill their intended strategic role for clients.


Sparinvest S.A. is a UCITS IV compliant Management Company and Sparinvest is a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. Underlying Sparinvest’s asset management activities is a pooling structure that provides unique asset allocation flexibility as well as economies of scale (advantageous charges) for all funds accessing it.

Our aim is to be both flexible and imaginative in tailoring our investment solutions to match our clients’ needs and we are open to discussions with you about the best way to achieve this. Our main solutions and options are outlined below but please feel free to contact our International Client Services team to discuss any other ideas that we may be able to help with.



The following investment vehicles provide access to our specialist strategies

About Sparinvest

Founded in Denmark in 1968, now known internationally as experts in value investment.