Sparinvest to host its fourth Nordic Investment Managers Forum

On October 26, Sparinvest, Danske Invest, DNB Asset Management, Jyske Bank and SKAGEN will be hosting the fourth Nordic Investment Managers Forum. The event will take place in Luxembourg where key managers from leading Nordic asset management companies will discuss their view on important market trends and other investment topics.
The Scandinavian asset managers are committed to Nordic values in terms of customer orientation, transparency and sustainability. These values, which ultimately set the foundation for a strong market position, have also been subscribed to by the Nordic Investment Managers Forum.

The flat hierarchy Scandinavians stand for allows investors direct access to portfolio managers and decision-makers, allowing for a hands-on experience.

Among key speakers are the Minister of Finance of Luxembourg and Sparinvest’s Chief Portfolio Manager Jens Moestrup Rasmussen.

“During 20 years of working with value investing at Sparinvest, value investing has been declared dead and has come back alive several times. Over the past year markets have shown that higher bond yields could lead to outperformance for value stocks. If we combine this observation with our opinion that value stocks are trading at a discount to the market, we are convinced that we are in a favourable environment for value investing. We also think that today’s market conditions favour an active approach to value investing. Stock markets are not as attractively priced anymore and volatility is very low, while stock-to-stock correlation is coming down from elevated levels. Such market conditions warrant careful bottom-up stock picking and well-diversified portfolios in order to avoid the riskier parts of the market”, says Jens Moestrup Rasmussen.

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