5 stars for Emerging Markets Corporate Value Bonds

On the third anniversary of its launch, Sparinvest Emerging Markets Corporate Value Bonds has received its first rating...

... from Morningstar, and has achieved the maximum five stars. This means that the fund is among the 10% best in Europe, in terms of its investment return. In fact it is the number one fund - ahead of all competitors in its Morningstar category - over three years.

A large part of the secret behind the fund's strong performance since its launch in September 2010 is its unique value approach to corporate bond investment in emerging markets. This value strategy results in an attractive portfolio of emerging market companies with relatively low debt, low default rates and paying attractive yields, all of which are important factors in achieving satisfactory long-term returns .


Our mission is to deliver the best long-term performance with a strong emphasis on risk. Based on a systematic and objective approach to investment - and a great commitment.


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