NTT reflects on 'extremely constructive' dialogue with Sparinvest

Read the full interview about Sparinvests ESG-dialogue with NTT.
“In Japan, it is still unusual to see investors and companies engaging in dialogue around ESG issues”. So states the Japanese financial information website ‘QUICK’, introducing an in-depth interview NTT’s Chief Administrative Officer, Kenya Nakatsuka, about his company’s dialogue with Sparinvest. It continues: 

“The fact that a large Japanese company like NTT presented a successful engagement case is, in itself, a good example and could set the trend for the future.”

The interview gives some indication of the level of interaction between NTT and Sparinvest during the 2-year engagement, as well as the extent to which NTT appreciated and acted upon Sparinvest’s suggestions for improvement in its anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) policies and procedures.
Asked about the benefits resulting from the activities undertaken as a result of engagement, Mr Nakatsuka not only mentions the hugely improved score for NTT in the PRI Transparency International TRAC report, but also that NTT has now been selected for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) Asia Pacific Index.
It is encouraging that a company as large as NTT has been so inspired by the engagement with Sparinvest:

“We understood the benefits of companies having a dialogue with investors. We experienced a cooperative dialogue by going beyond simply evaluating a company’s ESG scores, but working towards a common goal of enhancing the value of the company to benefit both investors and the company itself.”
Read the article here


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