Sparinvest S.A. appoints Richard Jacqué as new Managing Director

The asset management group Sparinvest, of Danish origin and headquartered in Luxembourg, announces changes to its top management in Luxembourg. Associate Director Richard Jacqué replaces Dirk Schulze as Managing Director of the Group’s Luxembourg unit, Sparinvest S.A.

Luxembourgian Richard Jacqué has been appointed new Managing Director of Sparinvest S.A. He will replace Dirk Schulze who has decided to pursue new challenges with Warburg Invest Luxembourg S.A., joining the company’s Management Committee in Luxembourg.

“We regret to say goodbye to Dirk Schulze, who has been a very valuable member of the Sparinvest management team and played a key role in shaping the Group’s international operations. But we are also very pleased on his behalf and we fully recognize that this change comprises a very interesting career move,” says Sparinvest Group CEO Per Noesgaard.

Richard Jacqué has been with Sparinvest since 2006. As Associate Director and Head of Client Services at Sparinvest S.A. he has been responsible for the development of international clients and overseen numerous business and administrative projects. Moreover, he has extensive experience in the financial sector from big international players such as JP Morgan, Nordea and Kredietbank.

Consequently, Sparinvest Holdings SE CEO Per Noesgaard is also confident that Richard Jacqué will play an important part in leading Sparinvest’s international business in the future.

“Richard will – together with Sparinvest S.A.’s other Managing Director and Head of Asset Management Henrik Lind-Grønbæk - be responsible for running our international operation. His experience and skills will be key in ensuring that we continue to have an efficient and smooth international business. I am convinced Richard’s extensive knowledge of Sparinvest, our clients and the industry as a whole makes him the perfect choice as Managing Director,” he says.

Having headed Sparinvest’s operations in Luxembourg since 2005, Dirk Schulze’s functions as Conducting Officer and Board Member of Sparinvest will cease during February 2014. At Warburg Invest Luxembourg S.A. - and effective 1 March 2014 - Dirk Schulze will become part of the Management Committee and act as local Conducting Officer of the Luxembourg-operation of the management company, part of the Hamburg-based M.M.Warburg & CO, one of the largest private banks in Germany.

Sparinvest will host a reception for Dirk Schulze and at the same time welcome Richard Jacqué on 4 February 2014. Immediately hereafter Richard Jacqué will assume the position as new Managing Director of Sparinvest S.A.