Five stars for Balance

On the 3rd anniversary of its inception, Sparinvest’s blend fund, Balance, has received a maximum 5-Star Morningstar Rating™ for the 3-Year period to 30th September 2014.
Balance is a well-diversified asset allocation fund, where investors get an even 50/50 split between bond and equity investments from different geographic regions and industries.

Fixed portfolio and risk
Sparinvest’s blend funds have a fixed allocation between stocks and bonds which is maintained through continuous rebalancing to ensure a constant risk profile. This means that investors can – through a single fund – obtain broad exposure to over 1,200 securities, resulting in a well-balanced portfolio which is maintained on their behalf without the need for them to initiate constant buying and selling – with associated costs.

International recognition for Sparinvest blend funds 
Since 2001 Sparinvest has offered a number of blend funds which have been recognised for their performance with several international awards. Last year alone, Sparinvest Procedo was awarded the prestigious Lipper Fund Award in the category "Mixed - High Risk" in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria.

The range consists of:


75% Bonds

 50% Bonds

 35% Bonds

 25% Equity 

50% Equity 

65% Equity

 Sparinvest Securus EUR I

 Sparinvest Balance EUR R

 Sparinvest Procedo EUR I

 5 Overall Morningstar Rating™ 30/09/2014 

5 Morningstar Rating™ for 3-Year period to 30/09/2014

5 Overall Morningstar Rating™ 30/09/2014

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