Outperformance through wise management

The Swedish business magazine "Privata Affärer" has chosen Sparinvest Ethical Emerging Markets Value as 2016 Emerging Markets Fund of the Year based on its ability to select shares of undervalued companies.

According to a press release from "Privata Affärer", the yearly fund prize is the largest independent fund prize in Sweden, and Sparinvest are delighted to receive this award. The business magazine places high demands on candidates and looks at both risk and return over the past three years plus the fund's availability and whether the fund managers have been the same throughout the period.

Sparinvest Ethical Emerging Market Value is something unusual: an actively managed ethical value fund that invests in emerging markets. "Privata Affärer" writes that "Sparinvest Ethical Emerging Markets Value" at the time of writing has increased by over 27 percent in 2016, which is about 6 percentage points better than the benchmark. The portfolio managers of the fund Kasper Jacobsen and David Orr, are also positive on the outlook for 2017.

See the article here (only in Swedish).